A Weekend in Sedona

A weekend in Sedona

If you are looking for a magical desert escape, Sedona is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. It is basically in the center of Arizona making just a couple hour drive from all of the major cities in the state, and if you are coming from farther away flights to Phoenix are generally pretty cheap.

Sedona is known for its beautiful red rocks, epic hikes, and energy vortexes. The landscape in Sedona is like no other, the red rocks, green foliage, and golden sunlight make for some gorgeous scenery, no wonder people feel the healing power of nature here.

I could absolutely hang out in Sedona for weeks but if you only have a couple of days you can still get an amazing experience. Here is a fun itinerary for a weekend in Sedona that includes beautiful hikes, good food, and plenty of amazing scenery.

going for a hike



Get into town and get all checked in to your accommodations (I’ve got some options for you at the end of this post). Depending on what time you arrive I’ve got a couple of things to do when you first get to town.

  • Take a hike up Cathedral Rock, it’s a short but steep hike and it will feel good to get moving if you’ve been sitting in the car. Cathedral Rock is one of the more popular hikes in Sedona because it has great views and is a vortex. There is some scrambling near the top but as long as you have good shoes on it’s nothing too hard.
  • Grab dinner at The Vault. They have an awesome outdoor patio so if it’s a warm night enjoy your food with some great views of the surrounding red rocks. Their New American style menu is delicious and they have excellent cocktails.
Cathedral Rock hike, Sedona AZ


Sedona has a ton of amazing hikes, so get ready to enjoy some beautiful scenery.

  • Get coffee and snacks from Theia’s Cafe before heading out on the trail.
  • Hike the West Fork Trail on Oak Creek. This out and back hike takes you along Oak Creek and through some gorgeous red rock canyons. The trail is rated easy, and is about seven miles round trip. You’ll know you’re at the end when you get to a spot where the river takes over the whole canyon and you literally can’t hike anymore. It’s a beautiful view of the canyon walls and the river. There is a parking lot and it’s $10 to park there, or you can park on the side of the highway and pay a $2 walk-in fee.
  • After your hike grab drinks at Mooney’s Irish Pub. After a good hike it’s always nice to relax with a cold beverage. Mooney’s is a low-key kind of place with good drinks and outdoor seating.
  • When you’re hungry walk over to The Hudson for dinner. It is in the same plaza as Mooney’s. The Hudson does what I like to call “fancy comfort food”, think creamy pasta dishes and juicy burgers. They also have an extensive bar menu featuring wines from all over the world and specialty cocktails.
West Fork hike, Sedona AZ


Don’t skimp out on your last day in Sedona, it’s time to get in one more rad hike and have some really amazing food!

  • A sunrise hike might seem like a bit much for a Sunday morning, but for the Devil’s Bridge it’s absolutely worth it! The Devil’s Bridge is a natural sandstone bridge sitting above a lush canyon. It’s 4 mile out and back, and it’s great for the sunrise because you get to see the sun come up through the canyon and light up all the red rocks around you. It’s also a very popular hike so going early means you’ll avoid the crowds. There is a paved parking lot at the entrance but if you have an off-road vehicle you can actually drive the first mile on the 4×4 road cutting down on your hike time and miles.
  • Get some amazing Korean food for lunch from Momo’s Food Truck. Momo’s makes healthy and fresh Korean food that is so delicious! 
  • Since you’ll be in the center of town take a little walk around. This is the perfect time to check out all the little shops, and you know, get yourself some crystals!
  • Visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross, this church is beautiful and its history is pretty rad too. The chapel is built into the hillside and from the top has some really amazing views of the valley.
  • Try some local beers and have dinner at Sedona Beer Company. They have a great variety of beers that rotate throughout the seasons and classic bar food like burgers, fries, and wings. The beer garden is the perfect spot to hang out and have some good food and drinks on a warm evening.
The Devil's Bridge, Sedona AZ


Air BNBs 


Beautiful Sedona Views


If you have some extra time or want to try something a little different these are definitely worth checking out.

  • Vortexes, crystals, and pseudoscience: You can take a tour of the vortexes, have your aura read and/or photographed. It’s a little ‘woo woo’ but it’s fun and makes for a fun experience and a good story
  • Jeep tours: The Pink Jeep Tours are one of the most popular ways to see Sedona. Go off-roading with local experts who will show you some beautiful backcountry views.
  • Spas: Give yourself a little self-care with natural spa treatments and relaxing massages. Sedona has plenty of day spas as well as in-house spas at the resorts to choose from.
West Fork Trail
Photo by Brian Bailey

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