Packing for Sedona

Packing for Sedona

The best time to go to Sedona is in the spring and fall because the weather is just about perfect. Temperatures are usually between 60 and 80 degrees making all those fun outdoor adventures really pleasant. 

When packing for a trip to Sedona having a combination of outdoorsy workout clothes and nice going out clothes is going to be key. You’ll definitely want to get out and do some hiking but you’ll also want to look nice for going out for dinner and drinks at night. It’s all about balance right?

Here is my packing list for Sedona

Packing List for Sedona

1.Daypack // 2. Hat // 3. Sunglasses // 4. Water Bottle // 5. Hike That Tank // 6. Stay Wild Tank // 7. Wind Breaker // 8. Tank Top // 9. Tee Shirt // 10. Blouse // 11. Flannel // 12. Sweatshirt // 14. Sweater // 14. Leggings // 15. Jeans // 16. Dress // 17. Sandals // 18. Trail Shoes

I was in Sedona in November, during the day it was in the mid to high 60’s which was really nice, and at night it was in the 50’s, so chilly but not bad. My go-to layers were a tank top, flannel, and a sweatshirt with nice thick leggings. I wore some combination of this pretty much every day. 

Rob and I did go out to dinner a couple of times and I got a bit more dressed up for that like I put on jeans (omg real pants!) and a blouse. If I’d remembered to bring a dress I definitely would have rocked a sundress on the warmer days too.

Here’s What I Wore in Sedona

Wild hat
Hiking outfit
The Devil's Bridge, Sedona AZ
Taking photos on a hike

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