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Nattie on the Road

I’m Natalie,

I’m a traveler and an adventurer. I think the weird situations I get into make the best stories. And I like to do the things that scare me, mostly because they are scary, but sometimes I find out that they really aren’t that bad (and sometimes they really are terrifying and I’ll never do it again). Mostly though, I’m a regular person just trying to have an adventurous life, and sharing it on the internet.

Nattie on the Road

is a travel and lifestyle blog committed to honest, bullshit free content, to not only inspire you to live your adventure, but also to provide road tested advice for how to do it. Life and travel aren’t always nice and neat and pretty, and neither am I, but it’s more about how you deal with life’s challenges and opportunities that makes your adventure. I hope by sharing my stories of adventures and mishaps that it inspires you to go out on your own adventures, fully informed and unafraid of what the road may bring you.

On a Grand Adventure with my boo // Nattie on the Road

The Grand Adventure

was a crazy trip that my boyfriend Rob and I dreamed up one mellow afternoon in San Francisco. And over the course of about 9 months it slowly because a reality, we bought tickets, let go of our apartment, put all our stuff in storage, and I quit my job (to clarify, I didn’t quit my job to travel, I quit my 9-5 to pursue a new career of freelance work and self employment that would better fit in with my traveling aspirations). Our Grand Adventure has taken us quite literally across the world, well the Northern Hemisphere at least. You can read more about our path here.