A Weekend in Moab

A Weekend in Moab

Moab is one of my favorite shoulder season destinations, we were able to go there back in March (just before quarantine) and again this past month. I love the high desert, the mountains, and all that red rock!

Moab is a pretty easy drive from cities like Salt Lake City or Denver, it also has a small airport so if you are coming from further away that is always an option too. So if you are looking for an outdoorsy getaway in a beautiful place, Moab is where to go.

There is so much to do in Moab but if you only have a weekend or a couple of days, here are the highlights.


Corona Arch


When you get into town you’ll probably want to get checked into your accommodations (I’ve got some options for ya at the end of this post) and take some time to get settled. But depending on what time you get into town here a few fun things to do to kick your Moab off.

  • Do a quick hike up to the Corona Arch: The Corona Arch trail is a moderate 3-mile round trip hike to a really awesome natural arch. If you’ve been in the car all day it’ll feel so good to get out and stretch your legs for a little bit. It’s also outside of the National Park so dogs are allowed on this trail (on leash).
  • Dinner at Spitfire Smokehouse: Get fueled up for the weekend’s adventures with some BBQ. Spitfire has a really nice outdoor patio (important for these Covid times) and the food is amazing. 
Arches National Park
98 Center - A weekend in Moab


Get ready for a full day of amazing scenery and explore one of the two National Parks right outside of Moab.

  • Grab breakfast from Moab Garage: They have awesome breakfast and coffee and the cafe itself is super cutesy. Currently, you can’t eat in but they are doing take-out so you can take that breaky on the go.
  • Arches National Park: Spend the day exploring the amazing landscapes of Arches National Park. There are plenty of hikes to do and viewpoints to enjoy, make sure to see the Windows, Delicate Arch, and Devils Garden. If you plan to spend the whole day in the park (which you totally can, there is enough to see), make sure to bring plenty of water, lunch, and snacks, as there are no concessions in the park.
  • Dinner at or do take-out from 98 Center: Chow down on the best Pho in town. 98 Center is doing to-go orders or you can eat at the restaurant in their outdoor parklet. Their ingredients are fresh and locally sourced, and the food is delicious and even healthy!
off-roading in Moab
off-roading in Moab


Offroading is big in Moab, so it’s worth it to give it a try. I will say i was a little sceptical of driving around in nature but it’s so fun!

  • Breakfast from Love Muffin: The breakfast burritos are excellent and I think the perfect size to not feel overly stuffed, plus easy to take on the go.
  • Go off-roading: There are a couple of ways to do this, you can rent an ATV from one of the many rental places in town (our friends rented from Moab Tour Company) or you can use your own vehicle if it is off-road capable, meaning it has 4WD and a good amount of clearance. We took our 4Runner out and had a blast rolling over the rocks in it!
  • A few options for where to go:
    • Gemini Bridges (easy)
    • Hurrah Pass (easy)
    • Shafer Switchbacks (easy)
    • White Rim (moderate)
    • Fins n Things (difficult)
    • Hell’s Revenge (difficult)
    • Elephant Hill (extremely difficult) – If you’ve been following me on Instagram this is the trail I’ve been posting about, we did it in the 4Runner, it was hard (and stress-inducing) but so cool!
  • Dinner at Trailhead: After a day out on the trail a burger always tastes so good. Trailhead does burgers right. The menu is short but the things they do, they do very well. They also have an outdoor patio upstairs for alfresco dining.
A Weekend in Moab



Hip Camp


Dead Horse Point State Park
Doughbird Doughnut!

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  4. Allie

    Moab seems like an awesome destination- I’m definitely hoping to get there in the winter/early spring. I live in Denver, so it’s a quick drive for us 🙂 I’ll definitely save this post so I know where to go! So cool!

    1. nattiekaf Post author

      Moab is pretty awesome! I went in Feb/March last year and it was great, although, some stuff was still closed for the winter season, so just something to be aware of. But so glad you enjoyed the post and hope you have an awesome time when you go!

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