What to know for traveling Myanmar

What to Know For Traveling Myanmar

Myanmar hadn’t originally been on our long list of countries to visit on our trip around the world, and I honestly didn’t know much about the country before we got there. We ended up going with a friend we’d met in Thailand, and I’m so glad we did. Myanmar is a beautiful country with tons of history and the friendliest…

adventure is an attitude, and other thoughts on living adventurously

Adventure is an Attitude

There are a lot of brands, blogs, and instagrams out there that promote adventure, but what does that actually mean? What does is mean to have an adventure, to be adventurous, to live an adventurous life? I’ve been giving this some thought lately. You don’t have to go far, or have a lot of money, or tons of free time…

Things to do in Tahoe

I’m Back / My Favorite Summer Time Things To Do In Tahoe

Hi friends! I am back after a taking some time off from blogging. The time off gave me some time to refocus on what I want to do here and think about the type of content I want to produce for you. I had been feeling like everything I was writing was generic and had already been written about. There…