Photos of Beautiful Places: Desert Edition

Photos of Beautiful Places: Desert Edition

I am missing the desert this spring while I stay home and shelter in place, so here are some of my favorite desert shots from the last year.  I’ve made these photos into desktop and phone backgrounds so you can keep a little bit of the desert landscape with you. And hopefully, any time you open your phone or computer…

Homechella - Coachella at home

Homechella – Coachella at Home

Coachella would have been kicking off the summer festival season this weekend, but due to the Coronavirus, it has sadly, and smartly been postponed.  But that’s no reason to sit around and mope about all the fun you were supposed to be having. Instead, let’s have some fun and have a “Homechella”. Yep, you read that right, you can have…

The Best Virtual Tours on the Internet

The Best Virtual Tours on the Internet

We may be sheltering in place right now but my love of travel and experiencing new places still lives on. So to stay safe and socially distanced I’ve been checking out virtual tours of some of the coolest places in the world. From art museums to national parks you can still have an adventure from the comfort of your home,…

The Quarantine Survival Kit

The Quarantine Survival Kit

Hey there friends! So I am on day 14 of social isolation/ quarantine and things are getting real. Real boring, real lonely, just real. So to combat the boredom, anxiety, and cabin fever I’ve put together a little survival kit of things that should hopefully brighten your day, relax you, or at the very least help you shut out the…

How to work from home or anywhere

How to Work From Home or Anywhere

The idea of being able to work from anywhere is pretty rad, but once you’ve made the jump to remote work and digital nomader-y how do you actually go about getting your work done? I will tell you, the laptop on the beach scenario isn’t all that great. First off, the glare is a killer, second, sand gets in everything….

How to have the best staycation

How To Have The Best Staycation

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I could use a little vacation from all that’s going on in the world. Unfortunately, travel just isn’t an option right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun right? Whether you had a vacation planned for this time already or you just need a little shakeup in…

Travel in the time of Coronavirus

Travel in the Time of Coronavirus

Updated: 03/16/202 The situation has changed quite a bit over the weekend so I wanted to put a little update out there. As of today (Monday, March 16, 2020), travel for recreation and leisure is not advised and social distancing is the new norm. Over the weekend I ended up canceling all my trips for the next two months, a…

South Lake Tahoe Restaurants to Fuel Your Adventures

South Lake Tahoe Restaurants to Fuel Your Adventures

South Lake Tahoe is known for its outdoor adventures, with its world-class skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and lake activities there are tons of ways to get outside and get moving. But you’ll need to fuel yourself up for these adventures, no one wants to be out on the trail feeling faint because they didn’t get enough to eat. From breakfasts…

5 Outdoor Adventures to have in Tahoe (in Winter)

5 Outdoor Adventures to Have in Tahoe in Winter

Winter in Tahoe is pretty wonderful. On average Lake Tahoe gets around 215 inches of snow in the winter, that’s 18 feet! But weather is unpredictable and climates seem to swing to extremes so some years are obviously better than others. That being said, the snow sports in Tahoe are epic, from world-class ski resorts to tons of public land…

South Lake Tahoe Brewery Tour

A South Lake Tahoe Brewery Tour

When you think of Tahoe your mind probably goes to scenes of snowcapped mountains, bright blue water, and epic ski days. But did you know that South Lake Tahoe also has a blossoming craft beer scene? It honestly makes sense, after a day out adventuring in nature, whether on the lake or on the mountain, coming in to a nice…