A Girls Trip to Joshua Tree

A Girls Trip to Joshua Tree

Did you know taking a girls trip is actually good for your health? Taking a little getaways with your besties will not only improve and strengthen your friendships it can also improve your mood, extend life expectancy, and lower your chance of heart disease! So you think it’s time to plan a girls trip now?

Getting out into nature is an awesome way to spend some time with friends so why not do it with a girls only camping trip. Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most beautiful places to camp and there is a ton to see and do there.

Where to stay

Hidden Valley Campground - Joshua Tree

Hidden Valley Campground: Hidden Valley is probably the most scenic campground in the park, but that also makes it the most popular. It is a first come first serve campground which can be great for a last minute trip, but also means someone will need to get there early to snag a site. 

Jumbo Rocks Campground - Joshua Tree

Jumbo Rocks Campground: Jumbo Rocks has tons of cool rock formations and is really central to a lot of the sites and things to do in the park. It’s a reservation only campground and there are tons of sites to choose from. You can reserve your site at Recreaction.Gov.

What to do

Rock climbing in Joshua Tree
Rock climbing in Joshua Tree

Rock climbing: Joshua tree is known as a rock climbing haven. The area around the Hidden Valley campground is great for top roping and if you’ve got the gear and know how definitely go for it. For the more casual climber there are plenty of rocks for bouldering and scrambling. And remember to spot each other – that’s what friends are for! Some of the best spots for bouldering or scrambling are around Hidden Valley and the Hall of Horrors.

Hiking around Joshua Tree
Hiking around Joshua Tree

Hiking: Joshua Tree has tons of trails to get out and hike on. It is the desert so always remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Some of the coolest hikes are Ryan Mountain, Arch Rock, and Barker Dam.

Cholla Cactus Garden
Cholla Cactus Garden

Cholla Cactus Garden: Take a little trip over to the east side of the park to the Cholla Cactus Garden to check these crazy looking cacti. It’s about a quarter mile loop through the garden and there are some massive cacti to see.

Stargazing in Joshua Tree
Stargazing in Joshua Tree

Star gazing: Joshua Tree has an amazing night sky. With no major cities nearby there is minimal light pollution meaning you can see tons of stars. You can head out and look at the stars all on your own or you can book a tour with Sky-Watcher to get a full guided experience.

girls trip hangin around the campfire
hanging out with your besties on a girls trip

Hang around the campfire: One of the best things about camping is hanging around the campfire with your girls just talking and laughing, and of course making s’mores.

How to plan

Gear: Make sure everyone has camping gear or if you’ll be sharing gear make sure you’ve got enough. Things you’ll absolutely need are tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooler, cooking stuff, camp chairs, and headlamps or flashlights. For more car camping essentials check out my car camping packing post.

Food: I always find it easiest to assign everyone a meal to be responsible for the group. That way food is organized and spit up fairly evenly. Then everyone can bring whatever snacks and drinks they want.

Don’t forget: Firewood, s’more stuff – including roasting sticks, and wine – because what is a girls trip without wine!?

girls trip

All my favorite girls trip camping gear

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A Girls Trip to Joshua Tree

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