Packing for Summer in Tahoe

Packing for summer in Tahoe

Tahoe might be known for its ski resorts and epic winter snow, but summer on the lake is just as good. With everything from hiking and mountain biking to boating and floating on the lake, it’s the perfect summer outdoor destination.

The weather in Tahoe is can’t be beaten – warm but not sweltering during the day, and cool but not cold at night. It strikes that balance for perfect summer weather. The fact that the nights aren’t freezing is my favorite part of summertime.

summer in Tahoe
summer outfit

Packing for summer in Tahoe is kind of like packing for adult summer camp. You’ll want easy comfy clothes to hike around and play in, but it’s always nice to have at least one cutesy outfit for a night out. And don’t forget some work out clothes for getting a good hike in and bathing suit so you can jump in the lake!

I’ve been obsessed with overalls this summer. It might feel a little 1995 but whatever, they are comfortable and useful with all those pockets! I wear them camping and just around town, and that caramel color means you can’t tell if they’re dirty or not making it my favorite summer staple.

summer outfit
Tahoe Style

So when you are on your way to Lake Tahoe or any lakey or mountain vacation make sure you keep you packing list cute but comfortable.

Packing List for Summer in Tahoe

Summer in Tahoe packing list

1.Felt Hat // 2. Sunglasses // 3. Bikini // 4. Beanie // 5. Jean Shorts // 6. Chambray Shirt // 7. Striped Blouse // 8. Tank Top // 9. Sweatshirt // 10. Tee Shirt // 11. Overalls // 12. Jumpsuit // 13. Leggings // 14. Flip Flops // 15. Running Shoes // 16. Tevas

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Packing for summer in Tahoe

3 thoughts on “Packing for Summer in Tahoe

  1. Surge Spider

    You might have summer there, but summer here, for me, in Malaysia, is throughout the year.

    I prefer visiting EU countries in the summer, as there is a lot more to do than compared with the winter.

    Love your blog, especially the design. Will come back again for more reading when I’m free 🙂

    I wonder what is the temperature like in Tahoe during summer?

    1. nattiekaf Post author

      You should definitely spend your summer wherever you like. So glad you like the blog and design. Tahoe is pretty warm in the summer time, but never gets too hot.

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