I’m Back / My Favorite Summer Time Things To Do In Tahoe

Things to do in Tahoe

Hi friends! I am back after a taking some time off from blogging. The time off gave me some time to refocus on what I want to do here and think about the type of content I want to produce for you.

I had been feeling like everything I was writing was generic and had already been written about. There are so many travel blogs out there that all cover the “top things to do” in any given city, and so when I was writing those kind of posts it just felt played out. It also didn’t feel authentic to me, and the person I am.

So I’m going to focus on what I am passionate about, and that is adventures and misadventures. You don’t have to travel far to have an adventure, I mean you can and that’s always awesome, but you can have an adventure in your own home town, and that’s the best!

I’ll still write posts with practical tips and packing lists for places, because, hey those are definitely useful. But my focus now will be more on experience and attitudes rather than what to do where. And that feels good to me.

Hiking Lake Tahoe

Fallen Leaf Lake

So for the last two months I’ve been enjoying summer in Tahoe, I got a day job at Heavenly Ski Resort as a photographer which has been awesome. I get to hang out outside with a beautiful view of the lake and take pictures of visitors all day, not a bad gig.

I’ve also taken some time to explore my new home town and the surrounding area. This has been my first summer in Tahoe ever. When I lived in the Bay Area I’d only ever come up to Tahoe in the winter to snowboard. So getting to be here for summer and do all kinds of summer things here has been so much fun.

Here are a few of my favorite summertime activities in Tahoe:

hiking in the wild flowers

Trail heads

Take a hike in Lake Tahoe


There is a lot of hiking to do around Lake Tahoe. From Desolation Wilderness to Fallen Leaf Lake to Emerald Bay you’ll be able to find some of the most scenic and amazing hikes around.

Kayaking on lake Tahoe

Kayaking on lake Tahoe


You can rent a kayak from plenty of spots along the beach and go paddling around. Its an awesome way to see the lake from a whole new perspective.

Floating in the lake

Just out for a float and listening to some tunes

Cheers! Lake Tahoe


My favorite way to spend a lazy afternoon is just chilling in a floaty on the lake. All you need are some friends and a floaty with a cup holder (and obviously something to go in that cup holder) for a super chill day.

Live at Lake View summer concerts in South Lake Tahoe

Floating in Lake Tahoe

Live at Lake View summer concerts in South Lake Tahoe

Free Concerts

Live at Lakeview puts on free concerts every Thursday in the summer time. It’s a ton of fun to go an listen to some good music and hang out at the beach. Plus if you’ve already got your floaties, float out behind the stage for the backstage view!

Tamarack Trail, Fallen Leaf Lake, Lake Tahoe

As far as I can tell summer in Tahoe is pretty rad, and I’ll be sharing more fun adventures in both Tahoe and all around so stay tuned!

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  1. Jan

    This was great!!! I love seeing all the beautiful scenery! Hope you have fun with your mom & dad this week! Wish we were with you!

    Auntie Jan

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