The Many Murals of Nashville

The Many Murals of Nashville

I was so pleasantly surprised by the amount of awesome murals in Nashville. I love street art, public art, murals, whatever you want to call it, I’ve always thought it makes cities a little more fun and inviting and just colorful!

Nashville has a few pretty famous murals including “What Lifts You” or The Wings, and “I Believe in Nashville”, but wandering around the city I found so many paintings on the sides of buildings and walls.

There are murals all over the city but if you are looking for high concentrations of art there are a couple of neighborhoods you should check out. The best areas to find art are in The Gulch, Downtown, 12 South, and Germantown.

The Gulch

The Wings
Green Abstract
Rainbow Geometrics
Rainbow Geometrics
Polar Bear

What to pack for Nashville


The dog
The Greek

12 South

I Believe in Nashville
Blue Stripes

Street art around the world


city mural
Germantown Mural

Here’s a map of a bunch of the art I found around Nashville. Some of the murals are on the sides of businesses so I marked the business on the map.

Map of Murals

If you are looking for a comprehensive kind of tour of all the murals Nashville Murals Tours looks pretty awesome. They’ll take you all over and give you all the info about Nashville amazing public art.

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The Many Murals of Nashville

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