Packing for Winter in Nashville

Packing for Winter in Nashville

Nashville is quickly becoming a popular destination and it’s easy to see why, it’s famous music scene, new hip bars, and restaurants, and it’s unique and trendy vibes are all big draws. While the spring and summer months are the most popular time to visit, Nashville is a great city year-round and the winter months around Christmas time are especially pretty.

Nashville winters are pretty mild with temperatures ranging from the 30’s to 50’s and very rarely dipping below freezing. You won’t have a need for heavy coats or boots, and as long as you’ve got some cozy layers you should be just fine running around the city.

Packing for Winter in Nashville

We spent a fun 4 days running around the city and visiting family back in December. It was chilly, but the days were pleasant enough to not need too many layers and nights were a bit cooler but as long as you layer up you’d be fine.

My Packing List

Nashville Packing List

1.Gray Tee // 2. White Tee // 3. Flannel // 4. Polka Dot Blouse // 5. Yellow Tank // 6. Black & White Sweater // 7. Sweatshirt // 8. Zip Up Fleece // 9. Blue Jeans // 10. Black Jeans // 11. Leggings // 12. Umbrella // 13. Felt Hat // 14. Knit Scarf // 15. Tennies // 16. Booties

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Packing for Winter in Nashville
Packing for Winter in Nashville

Plan for weather

We had mostly sunny days while we were in Nashville but we did get a little bit a rain our first day there so remember to grab a little umbrella that can fit in your purse for any inclement weather that might happen.

In general, I like to stay pretty comfortable in a tee, jeans, and tennies for wandering around the city, but I did bring a couple of nice shirts for going out to nice dinners and cutesy bars. I also brought my scarf with me everywhere as an easy way to layer up when the temperature would drop down at night.

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Packing for Winter in Nashville

4 thoughts on “Packing for Winter in Nashville

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  2. Janet Mayer

    Thanks for sharing this! We haven’t been able to get outside much since moving in cause we’ve been in “renovation mode” with the dumpster rental and everything. We’re finally finishing up, and I’ve been so excited to get back outside and experience our new home state, but I might as well be a visitor so this info is all really helpful! Thank you for sharing!


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