Packing for a Road Trip

Packing for a Road Trip

I don’t know about you but the last few months spent in sweatpants have reminded me how awesome loungewear is, why would anyone ever wear jeans? Oh, to look put together? Professional? Ugh, I guess.

But it’s road trip season and no one wants to sit in a hot car in a pair of jeans so I’ve got the comfiest packing list for long car rides down winding backroads, and hey, you’ll still will look cute for when you want to pull over to take a picture for the gram!

And don’t forget your mask! I’ve been rocking the bandana as a mask lately, it’s cute and easy and I have a ton to rotate through when they need to be washed.

summer time

Packing List

road trip packing list

1.US Tour Tee Shirt // 2. Mustard Tee Shirt // 3. Striped Tee Shirt // 4. White Tank Top // 5. Rainbow Sweatshirt // 6. Patterned Shorts // 7. Running Shorts // 8. Maxi Dress // 9. Bandana // 10. Sunglasses // 11. Leggings // 12. Joggers // 13. Tennises // 14. Sandals

Road Trip Outfits

comfy shorts and bandana for a mask
road trip outfit
summer outfit
summer outfit

We aren’t heading too far from home this summer but we’ve definitely taken a couple road trips around Northern California. Maxi dresses are great for road tripping, they are supper comfortable when you are sitting in the car, but you also look put together when you get out at a stop or at your destination.

I’ve also been really into any kind of soft and comfy shorts this summer. Be it running shorts, cotton shorts, whatever as long as they are loose and breathable I’m digging them. The turquoise running shorts from Janji have been my go-to’s all summer.

I hope you have some fun road trips planned this summer! Stay safe and stay comfy out there!

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3 thoughts on “Packing for a Road Trip

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  2. Surge Spider

    Back in the day, I used to go for road trips all the time.

    I wouldn’t pack. I usually have spare toiletries and clothes in the car, and I would usually just go with it.

    Those road trips which I go with my mates are a gem. Just love it…

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