Packing for 2 Weeks in Ireland

Packing for Ireland // Nattie on the Road

If we had just been doing a trip to Ireland with my family I would have packed a lot differently.

Since our whole trip spans several very different climates, and we will be doing a variety of activities I had to pack for that. I needed a little bit of everything. You can see my packing list for a trip around the world here!

If I had to do it all again, and only have to pack for Ireland I would have packed more specific items for the cool temperatures, rain, and the sporty activities we did. So here is my packing list for 2 weeks in Ireland, doing both city and outdoorsy activities.

Ten things I love about Ireland

Packing For Ireland

Ireland Packing List // Nattie on the Road

1. Striped T // 2. Black T // 3. Work Out Tanks // 4. Hoodie Sport Shirt // 5. Long Sleeved Sport Shirt // 6. Thermal Shirt // 7. Flannel Shirt // 8. Chambray Shirt // 9. Cardigan Sweater // 10. Blue Jeans // 11. Black Jeans // 12. Joggers // 13. Leggings // 14. Rain Shell // 15. Puffy Jacket // 16. Fleece Sweatshirt // 17. Sports Bra // 18. Sport & Wooly Socks // 19. Trucker Hat // 20. Beanie // 21. Hiking Boots // 22. Tennies // 23. Booties

Favorite Sporty Clothes

For all outdoorsy activities my go to pieces are always leggings and a tank top, mostly because that’s what I’m comfortable in. These leggings from Dear Kates are awesome, they are made out of thick material so you don’t have to worry about them being see through, plus the fabric is water wicking so it keeps the sweat off your skin. The Marmot jacket is perfect for outdoor activities in all weather, it doesn’t have a lining so you can layer as needed, and I find that the underarm zippered vents are especially nice when it raining but it’s still warm out.

Adventures biking the Irish country side

Work out clothes for sporty activities // Nattie on the Road

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