Packing for a weekend in San Diego CA

Packing list for a weekend trip in San Diego

Anyone else ready for a weekend getaway? Heading south to San Diego for the weekend is a super fun and easy trip from the Bay Area. I’m originally from San Diego and I still have a bunch of friends and family there so visits are pretty much a must for me. It’s really an awesome place to just chill and hang out with people, have a beer and watch the sunset. I mean, that’s what I like to do there, and inevitably what I end up doing too. Not a bad break, huh?

Now let’s get packing! It’s spring time here in California, and San Diego has one of the best climates anywhere. This time of year it does still get chilly at night and when the ocean breeze comes up, so it’s not all tank tops and bikinis. A sweater and my favorite layering piece, the flannel shirt, are good options for the evening drop in temperature.

When packing for a weekend trip I like to try and keep my list as minimalist as possible, which can be a bit of a challenge as I am a chronic over-packer. Life is hard right?!

That’s why making sure everything I pack is versatile and go together is key. Also keeping everything in the same color palette will make sure all your pieces go together.

This being my first packing list post I feel like I should talk a little bit about my personal style. I have a pretty casual and comfortable style (this may come from growing up in a city where flip-flops are considered regular shoes). For the most part I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, but don’t get me wrong I do love a good dress and pair of heels, just not for this trip.
Happy Weekend!

1. Bikini Top & Black Bottoms (similar) // 2. Sunglasses // 3. Sandals // 4. Straw hat // 5. Jean shorts // 6. Patterned blouse (similar) // 7. Striped crop top (similar) // 8. Black t-shirt // 9. Slouchy sweater // 10. Black skinny jeans // 11. Flannel shirt (similar) // 12. Light scarf // 13. Booties // 14. Slip-on tennies


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