24 Hours in Silver Lake LA

24 Hours in Silver Lake LA

On our way home from Coachella back in April we had a quick stop over in LA, and we stayed in my favorite neighborhood, Silver Lake.

Silver Lake is known as one of the more hipster neighborhoods in LA, with a plethora of coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and cutesy shops I can tell why the SoCal hipsters flock here.

Silver Lake LA

With just a day to run around I found myself walking along Sunset Blvd checking everything out. The nice thing about the neighborhood is that is totally walkable and you’ll find some of the famously painted staircase hidden around if you are walking.

Here is my perfect day in Silver Lake LA

Alfred's Coffee Silver Lake LA


You gotta start the day off with some good coffee, and Alfred’s Coffee is awesome. The cafe is pretty small but has all the hipster staples like a neon sign, awesome wallpaper, and amazing coffee, as well as plenty of vegan (and non-vegan) snacks.

What to pack for Southern California

Now Spa - Silver Lake

Now Spa - Silver Lake

Now Spa - Silver Lake


Sometimes you just want to relax a little, and after Coachella and traveling I was feeling like I needed a massage. I booked myself a little relaxation time at The Now Spa and was not disappointed. The massage was awesome and the decor and vibe of the place was super relaxing and chill.


If you are in Silver Lake you’ve got hit up some of the cutesy boutiques. There are plenty all along Sunset Blvd, but make your way up to the intersection of Sunset and Sanborn, an area known as Sunset Junction for all the best shops!

Stairs in Silver Lake LA

Stairs in Silver Lake LA

Stairs in Silver Lake LA

Sunset over Silver Lake LA

Sunset over Silver Lake LA


The coolest thing about this neighborhood are the painted staircases,  just go walking to find them, they really are all over. The staircases were originally built to connect the homes up on the hills to the streets below and somewhere along the way artists came in and painted them.

If you feeling like a little more exercise go for a walk or run around the Silver Lake Reservoir. Bonus points if you go around sunset to catch the beautiful colors the sky turns over the city.

More stops for your California road trip!

Jewel Restaurant Silver Lake

Kale Salad at Jewel LA

Amazing Ramen at Silver Lake Ramen


Brunch: If you are looking for a little more sustenance in the morning that just coffee check out Millie’s Cafe. With tables set up outside on the sidewalk, the vibes are chill and the food is solid. You’ll get all your favorite Californian style brunch staples like chilaquiles and eggs benedict.

Lunch: For a healthy lunch I love Jewel, it’s plant based and while not specifically vegan or gluten free, plenty of the dishes are. I swear kale never tasted so good!

Dinner: Silver Lake Ramen is known for being not just one of the best ramen places in LA but in all of California. I can definitely say I agree with that statement, outside of Japan it’s the best ramen I’ve ever had. Because it’s so amazing there can be a wait, and they don’t take reservations so your best bet is to go early and put your name in and then maybe go grab a drink at one of the bars nearby. I am a big fan of Thirsty Crow which is right next door and the Silver Lake Lounge right across the street.

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24 Hours in Silver Lake LA


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