Packing for a Ski Trip

Packing for a Ski Trip

Are you planning a ski trip this year? Even just a long weekend to the mountains is a great way to break up the bleakness of winter. Before living in a ski town I would definitely take a snowboarding trip at least once a year to places like Big Bear when I lived in Southern California or Tahoe when I lived in the Bay, and a couple of times we got fancy and went all the way out to Park City in Utah!

When packing for a ski trip there’s quite a bit to remember, like all your snow clothes, regular clothes for if you go out, then some comfy clothes for hanging around the cabin. And don’t forget your bathing suit just in case there’s a hot tub to soak in!

I’ve divided this packing list into two groups, Snow Clothes, and Everyday Clothes to help you organize your packing.

Ski Trip Packing List

Packing for a Ski Trip

1.Waterproof Jacket // 2. Baselayer Top // 3. Goggles // 4. Helmet // 5. Waterproof Pants // 6. Baselayer Bottoms // 7. Buff // 8. Ski Socks // 9. Mittens // 10. Beanie // 11. Sun Glasses // 12. Waterproof Boots // 13. Moccasins // 14. Scarf // 15. Swimsuit // 16. Gray Long Sleeve // 17. Printed Long Sleeve // 18. Flannel // 19. Jeans // 20. Leggings // 21. Joggers // 22. Fleece // 23. Puffy Jacket


staying warm and dry in my snow clothes
comfy going out clothes
winter outfit
cute winter outfit

I like to have some cute clothes to wear for going out to dinner or exploring around town. I go for casual and comfortable with jeans, a sweater, and some outerwear. The waterproof boots are functional for tromping around in the snow but are still cute enough to wear out on the town.

I am all about the comfy clothes, coming home from a day riding on the mountain, there’s nothing better than a soft pair of sweatpants and a toasty fire. So make sure you pack your favorite loungewear!

Another thing to consider when you are packing is your layers, pack items that can double as layers for going under your ski clothes as well as for going out or just hanging around the cabin. The perfect example of this is the fleece sweater, fleece makes a great mid-layer under your ski jacket, and is a good sweater for hanging around the house or going for a walk.

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