Where I want to go in 2018

where I want to go in 2018

Last year I made a list of five places I wanted to go in 2017, but as life would have it, plans changed I didn’t end up going to any of those places (except for exploring around Lake Tahoe, I did manage that :)).

So just for fun I figured I’d make a list of places I’d like to go for 2018. We do have loose plans to get to Europe this summer, one of my best friends is getting married in France so that’s definitely going to happen (I just have to get planning now!).

So in no particular order here’s where I want to go in 2018:

Eiffel Tower

Paris 2009


I went to Paris in 2009, and I had some mixed feelings about it after. The city is beautiful, but maybe it was because I was young and dumb and poor, I just didn’t see the magic that so many people describe when they are there. I’m excited to go back after almost ten years and see how I feel about it now. But I think I’m even more excited about seeing some more of the country, like Champagne, Bordeaux, and Brittany.

The pros and cons of the Eurail Pass

fast ferry in Spain


Croatia has been on my list of top places to go for quite some time now. It was originally on our list for our grand adventure around the world, but we ended up having to cut it out for logistical reasons. Darn you overland transportation! But this summer I’m hoping to soak up some sun on a beautiful Croatian beach, explore some castles, and geek out a little seeing the Game of Thrones set locations.


After seeing tons of photos of Lake Bled this past year, I realized I definitely need to go to this beautiful country, and with it being right next to Croatia it seems like a no brainer. I still have some research to do about what to do and where to go there but I’m stoked to explore a new country. If you have any recommendations let me know!

Angels Landing - Zion National Park

Angels Landing - Zion National Park

 Zion National Park

Camping in Utah

I’ve been wanting to get back to Utah since I spent one night in Zion, almost three years ago. I love the dramatic desert landscape, the red rocks, and the steep hikes. I’d love to go back, not only to Zion, but explore Bryce, Arches, Moab, and Canyonlands. Is there anywhere else awesome I should camp or hike?

My favorite car camping essentials


Blogging Workshop/Retreat

I’ve been wanting to attend a bloggers retreat or workshop pretty much since I started this blog. The practical reasons being to learn more about the industry and meet and connect with other bloggers. And the fun reason, they always seem to be held in awesome places like Bali.

packing up all the essentials

Do you already have travel plans for 2018? Where are you going or where do you want to go this year?

If you’ve got any recommendations for any of these places please let me know in the comments!

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where I want to go in 2018




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