The Quarantine Survival Kit

The Quarantine Survival Kit

Hey there friends! So I am on day 14 of social isolation/ quarantine and things are getting real. Real boring, real lonely, just real. So to combat the boredom, anxiety, and cabin fever I’ve put together a little survival kit of things that should hopefully brighten your day, relax you, or at the very least help you shut out the world for a little bit.

Here I’ve got everything you need to feel comfortable, healthy, and entertained while we all shelter in place. And hey, if we come out of this with great skin and purple hair that wouldn’t be so bad right?

Everyday Essentials

coffee is essential
noise canceling headphones for when you need to tune everything out

Coffee: Try that new dalgona coffee drink that the whole internet seems to be talking about, or order some excellent small-batch coffee beans from and support small businesses!

Noise-canceling headphones: For when you want to tune out your children, pets, spouse, or roommates.
My Favorites: Bose | Sony

Stay Comfy

sweatpants outfit
quarantine sweatpants fashion

Sweatpants: Because you want to get dressed, but like not too dressed up. And if you need some inspo, follow me on Instagram I’m posting my sweatpants outfits every day!
My Favorites: Albion Fit | REI | Urban Outfitters

Slippers: Keep your toes warm without wearing shoes in the house.
My Favorites: Uggs | White + Warren | Minnetonka 

Soft tee shirts: Really it’s all about being comfortable but looking and feeling like you got dressed, so a good tee shirt is key.
My Favorites: Everlane | Madewell | Bella Canvas

Sweaters: Again staying comfy and cozy, but you still need to look legit on a video call.
My Favorites: RVCA | Urban Outfitters | J Crew

Stay Healthy

at home work outs
cooking healthy with Hello Fresh

Workout apps: Because exercise creates endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t kill their husbands.
My Favorites: Nike Run Cub | Nike Training | Fresh Body Fit Mind |Gaiam Yoga Studio

Cook: Learn some new cooking skills with Hello Fresh delivery, they send you all the ingredients and instructions for delicious and healthy meals

Stay Entertained

coloring books for the win!
play scrabble to keep your brain sharp

Get Wild: Do something wild you would not normally do in real life like dye your hair a crazy color or try out a tattoo (the semipermanent kind) you’ve always wanted to get.
My Favorites: Overtone | Arctic Fox | Unicorn Hair
My Favorites: Ink Box | Momentary Ink

Puzzles and games: Keep your mind active and engaged. Games on both on your phone or tablet, or real physical games and puzzles are great for critical and creative thinking.
My Favorites:  Monument Valley (for phone or tablet) | Scrabble (for real or on a device) | Sim City (for phone or tablet) | Elevate (for phone or tablet) | Settlers of Catan (for real life)

Spa day: Because we all need to relax and unplug for a little bit. And just because we’re in quarantine or social isolation doesn’t mean our skin needs to be neglected.
My Favorites: body scrub | face mask | hand and foot lotion | bubble bath

Coloring books: Not just for kids anymore! Studies show that coloring can help ease anxiety, quiet your mind, and boost creativity.
My Favorites: Lost Ocean by Johanna Brasford | Stress Relieving Animal Designs by Dan Morris | Swear Word Coloring Book by Rainbow Coloring

Stay Connected

play video games

Human contact: It’s important for our sanity, and there are about a million different ways to talk to people now from video to texting, to straight-up old school phone calls.
My Favorites: Zoom (video) | Facetime (video) | WhatsApp (messaging) | and regular old texting and phone calls.

How are you guys staying sane? Have any good tips? Let me know in the comments!

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