Packing for Fall in Europe

Packing for Fall in Europe

Fall in Europe might be the perfect time of year, the summer crowds have gone home, the weather is still nice, and you begin to see the changing of seasons. Depending on where you are the weather can still be quiet summer-like in the south or a bit cooler as you move north.

Today’s packing list plans for both warm and cool weather with plenty of layering options and and a fall color palette.

Packing list for Fall in Europe

1.Gray Tee // 2. Yellow Tank Top // 3. Black Tank Top // 4. Yellow Sweater // 5. Flannel // 6. Geometric Sweater (similar) // 7. Rainbow Sweater (similar) // 8. Jean Shorts // 9. Black Jeans // 10. Leggings // 11. Jean Jacket // 12. Large Purse // 13. Yellow Beanie // 14. Blue Sundress (similar) // 15. Red Dress (similar) // 16. Black Booties // 17. Running Shoes // 18. Flip Flops

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Europe in Fall

Europe in Fall

Weather in Fall

Our fall Europe trip took us from Barcelona and Mallorca Spain to coastal Portugal and finally up to Amsterdam so we got quite the range of temperatures. 

Spain was in the mid 70’s so you could get away with shorts and tank tops during the day but be sure to bring a jacket for when it cools down at night. In Portugal the temperatures dropped into the 60’s, so not quite beach weather but still very pleasant. Then in Amsterdam the fall weather really hit with temperatures in the 50’s. I was glad to have plenty of clothes to layer up and keep cozy.

Check out this packing list specifically for Spain!

Europe in Fall

Europe in Fall

And as always make sure to check the weather before your trip, because heat waves and cold snaps do happen and you’ll want to be in the know for this transitional season.

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Packing for Fall in Europe


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