A Guide to Park Güell

A Guide to Park Guell

Park Güell is probably one of the most recognizable places in Barcelona, you have no doubt scrolled past the iconic photos of mosaiced walls looking over the city towards the sea. 

The park itself is quite large and sits up on a hill with views of the city below. There is also much more to it than just the famous mosaic work. The park consists of two sections, the Monumental Core is where you’ll see the bulk of the architecture, colorful mosaics, and sculptures, this area is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The second section is the natural park, gardens, and woodlands around the Monumental Core. 

There are a few things to know before visiting and once you are in Park Güell as it’s a very popular destination with a lot going on. Here are the key things to know to make your experience the best.

Park Guell's classic view
Park Guell
nature in architecture

A guide to Park Güell

  • Go early in the morning, it gets really crowded by the afternoon, like to the point that it can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Early morning ensures that you won’t feel overcrowded or rushed.
  • The Monumental Core requires a ticket for entrance which you need to buy at least a day ahead of time. The tickets are 10 Euros and you have to select a time for entrance. Luckily early morning generally has to the most available time slots to get in. 
  • You must be at the park and in line for the Monumental Core at the time your ticket says or else risk not being able to get in. We got there late but the security guard was kind and when enough people left the area let us in, but I would not bank on the kindness of security guards. Get there on time or early.
  • Take a taxi there, unless you are staying right nearby or know exactly where you are going, taking a taxi is the easiest way to get to the park. We took the metro and walked, but the winding streets up the hill were confusing and we got lost, hence being late for our entrance time. So just save yourself the trouble and take a taxi.
  • Once you’ve entered the Monumental Core you can stay and hang out as long as you like. However, once you leave you cannot go back in, so make sure to get your fill and all the photos you want.
  • Once you’ve had your fill of the architecture and mosaics take some time to walk through the rest of the park. The grounds and gardens cover around 45 acres and have picnic areas, wonderful views, and plenty of walking paths to wander.
  • At one point the hillsides were used for agriculture and planted with vineyards, olive, and fruit orchards. You can still see reminiants from this time as olive trees dot the hillside amongst the other native plants.
  • The park has since been planted with both visual appeal and native species in mind.
  • Part of the Monumental Core has been undergoing renovations since 2017, with more restorations to come until 2022. There were places that were restricted due to the construction when I was there, but to me it didn’t seem like a big deal.
admiring the architecture
views of Barcelona
Park Guell

Hopefully this little guide helps you to have an awesome time at Park Güell, because I know it can be a lot to figure out if you aren’t prepared. 

The first time I went to Park Guell I basically did it all wrong, I went midafternoon, didn’t know you needed tickets for the Monumental Core and they were sold out, got totally overwhelmed by the amount of people there and ended up leaving frustrated. Don’t be like me, plan ahead and have a good time! (I did better the second time)

the lizard
Park Guell

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