Where To Find Craft Beer In Barcelona

Where to find Craft Beer in Barcelona

Barcelona started making craft beer before it was cool, I know that’s totally a hipster cliche, but it’s true. The first microbrewery opened up in Barcelona in 1996! For reference craft beer had just begun to make it’s delicious flavors known in the early 90’s in the US with some of the most popular breweries around making their debuts between 1991 and 2000. So Barcelona was right there on the cutting edge of beer making with the likes of California and Colorado.

Since the 90’s the beer scene has only gone uphill and like the rest of the world they are currently experiencing a craft beer explosion. So let’s quit shaking up the bottles guys!

Finding craft beer in Barcelona won’t be hard, most bars and restaurants will stock the local stuff but if you want to really get the craft beer experience you’ve got to go to the source. The best places to find craft beer in Barcelona are going to be at the breweries and beer bars. And lucky for you I spent plenty of time trying beers so I will hopefully remember what I’m talking about.

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beers in barcelona

Garage Beer Co: An awesome space and excellent beers. The decor is a combo of weird and funky and modern, like they’ve got subway tile but also spray paint art on the walls. From IPA’s to sours Garage Beer Co. is experimenting with it all and it all tastes good.

Black Lab: Black Lab Brewhouse might be the most interesting and awesome combinations of food and drink, craft beer and Asia-American food. I mean, I think dumplings go great with IPA. The beers are unique and flavorful and the food is awesome.

Edge Brewing: This brewery was started by Americans who happen to love beer and Barcelona. Edge Brewing specializes in American style ales and are always experimenting with seasonal flavors and ingredients so you might not get the same beer there twice. The tasting room is open for tours and tasting by reservation only so make sure to get in there!

Barcelona Beer Company: You’ll see Barcelona Beer Company beers in all the bars and restaurants around Barcelona and that’s because its good and its local. They have five classic beers that they’ve always got including the Cerdos Voladores IPA (my fav) which is easy to spot because of the pink pig illustration on the label, as well as a whole selection of seasonal brews that are always changing.

La Cervesera Artesana: With 10 microbrewed beers on tap and 100’s more from around the world La Cervesera Artesana has got a lot of beer. They offer beer tasting and food pairings which you need a reservation for, or you can just stop in to have a beer as well. They also have gluten free beer!

Beer Bars, Tap Rooms, and Beer Halls

I do love craft beer
Bier Cab

Bier Cab: This place has a HUGE selection of beers from all over the world, like the menu is over 10 pages long kind of beer selection. It can be a little overwhelming but I usually go for whatever is on draft or ask the bartender for their recommendation which they were all very will to give. Bier Cab also has an excellent food menu so you won’t go hungry trying all those beers.

Ale & Hop: Find beer from all around the world as well as vegetarian snacks and friendly knowledgeable service. Ale & Hop is perfect for any beer lover with ten beers on draft and a huge bottle selection.

Brewdog: Brewdog isn’t exactly local, but it’s good and the Barcelona taproom is pretty awesome. Originally from Scotland, Brewdog beer has been making its way all over the world with taprooms and breweries from the US to Australia. The Barcelona taproom has got good food, good beer, and a fun and funky vibe. 

Lambicus Bar: If you like Belgian beer, you have to go to Lambicus Bar, they have shelves upon shelves of Belgian beer. You can try different vintages of the same beer, yep like wine, and different years totally have different tastes, usually subtle tastes but you can still tell. We tried a few different years of the Westvleteren and it was awesome.

Olgod Craft Beer: For craft beer and a Nordic heavy metal kinda vibe Olgod is your place. They’ve got 30 beers on tap and awesome knowledgeable bartenders who are always happy to sit and chat about beer.

Cocovail: A “beach culture American style beer hall” is how Cocovail describes itself, and honestly they got that vibe down. With American bar food, 24 rotating beers on tap, and an interior that looks like a beach bums garage it’s fun kinda place.

Hoppiness: Local beers and gourmet burgers, what more could you want? Hoppiness has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere and 12 beers on tap.

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