Packing for Myanmar

Packing for Myanmar

Myanmar was one of my favorite places I traveled to last year. The country and the people are beautiful and amazing, and the whole experience there was so wonderfully unexpected.

By the time we got to Myanmar we’d been traveling for about 5 and half months already and I had such a hodge podge of clothes. But the things I had that I was grateful for were loose and light cotton pants, a large scarf, and leggings. If I’d been able to pack specifically for Myanmar I probably would have packed more things that went together, but oh well, I rocked the tie-dye tank top with patterned pants anyways.

Temple Attire

What you should think about before you even start packing


It will be hot, Myanmar has a tropical climate ranging from the low 70’s to the mid 90’s.


Myanmar’s culture is fairly conservative and that affects how people dress. Locals generally dress conservatively by covering their legs and shoulders.


If you are going to be any kind of sight seeing you’ll most likely be checking out some temples and pagodas which have strict dress codes. Your legs and shoulders must be covered and there no shoes allowed.


What will you be doing when you are there? Myanmar is a gorgeous and glorious country with a ton of different things to do. Hanging out on the coast requires slightly different things than trekking through the mountains.

Packing List:

Packing list for Myanmar

1.Striped Tee // 2. Gray Tee // 3. White Tee // 4. Pineapple Tee // 5. Pink Tank // 6. Wander Tank // 7. Leggings // 8. Shorts // 9. Linen Pants // 10. Floral Dress // 11. Midi Dress // 12. Long Skirt // 13. Bralette // 14. Sports Bra // 15. Swimsuit // 16. Scarf // 17. Sunglasses // 18. Straw Hat // 19. Running Shoes // 20. Flip Flops // 21. Day Pack

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Hanging out on a Pagoda

coconuts on the beach

trekking attire

taking in the views

Why I packed what I packed

I packed a variety of different things because we did a variety of different activities while we were in Myanmar.

We spent time hanging out on the beach and in little beach towns where the vibes were relaxed and I felt comfortable cruising around town in shorts or lounging on the sand in a swimsuit.

My loose linen pants and scarf were prefect for exploring the pagodas of Bagan. That way I never had to think about having to change to go into these religious sites.

I opted for sporty clothes like leggings and running shoes for our trek in the mountains, which was comfortable hiking for several hours a day. Those small rural towns we passed through tended to be more traditional so I opted for leggings rather than shorts even when it was hot.

My Hershel day pack also came in super handy for our trek. I was able to pack a couple day’s worth of clothes and toiletries in it, and that way I didn’t have to lug around a huge pack full of thing I wouldn’t need for those couple days.

Lastly flip flops are important because many places require you to take off your shoes before entering, and slip on sandal are the easiest way to get in and out of shoes.

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