Packing for Greece

Packing for Greece // Nattie on the Road

I absolutely fell in love with Greece, the history, the culture, the scenery, it’s all amazing. Whether you are taking in the historic sites around Athens, island hopping in the Cyclades, or getting off the beaten path in the north, you are sure to enjoy your time there. One of the best parts of Greece is the Mediterranean climate, meaning it’s pretty nice year round, warm in the summer and mild in the winter. This makes packing super easy, with warm weather you don’t have to worry about bulky coats or anything.

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Packing for Greece

Packing list for going to Greece // Nattie on the Road

This packing list would work for a trip in spring, summer, or fall. I like pieces that are versatile, so that I can pair any top with any bottom I bring, that also mean I don’t have to pack a ton of things keeping my bag light.

I feel like Greece is such a fun, happy country that bright colors are a must. I’m really digging the corals and yellows right now.

Check out the view at this amazing winery in Santorini!

My Staples

If you’ve been following along for a bit now, you’ll notices I have a few staples that I always pack, especially for warm weather. Always gotta bring a swimsuit, even if you aren’t on the water, you never know if there’ll be a pool or hot tub to jump in! My favorite pair of 501 jean shorts are so comfy, and easy to throw on to head down to the beach, and I can’t forget that floppy hat, it’s so nice to have a little shade from the sun, and your skin with certainly thank you.

The Clothes

1.White Tee // 2. Striped Tee // 3. Coral Camisole // 4. Off The Shoulder Shirt // 5. Red Dress (similar) // 6. Jersey Dress // 7. Patterned Dress (similar) // 8. White Jeans // 9. Maxi Skirt // 10. Jean Shorts // 11. Two Piece Swimsuit (similar) // 12. One Piece Swimsuit // 13. Floppy Hat // 14. Sunglasses // 15. Huarache Sandals // 16. Ikat Sandals (similar) // 17. Tennies

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4 thoughts on “Packing for Greece

  1. Chloe

    Love this shopping list! I agree 100% on everything on it and it’s so necessary to wear comfortable and light clothing while in Greece. It gets sooo hot there!! ANd I’m so happy to see that you got on ShopStyle!! I can’t wait to see more clothes/packing list related posts!

  2. Kana

    I have yet to go to Greece but I LOVE everything you listed – we definitely have similar tastes! Thanks so much for sharing on #FlyAwayFriday – can’t wait to see another post tomorrow! xo


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