Packing For A Trip Around The World

I started thinking about what I was going to pack for this trip even before we were finished planning it.

There were a few things I needed to take into consideration, our trip is 6 months long – from June to December – temperatures change quite a bit throughout those months, we are going to a lot of different places, all with very different climates, we are going to be doing all kinds of activities from hiking to laying on a beach to visiting religious sites (so I’d have to be covered up), and I have to be able to fit everything into a carry on suitcase.

So taking all these things into consideration, this is my packing list.

Around the World Packing List // Nattie on the Road

Why all this stuff?

Most of these things are pretty standard. Tank tops are good for warm weather as well as being a bottom layer in cooler temperatures. I brought one button down chambray shirt that I felt like could be dressed up or down, and even used as a light second layer instead of a sweater on cooler nights.

I packed 2 sets of sporty clothes, one for cold and one for warm, as we’ll be doing lots of hiking type activities everywhere we go. These also can double as pajamas and comfy travel clothes.

For both shorts and pants I went with one jeans and one lightweight cotton. The lightweight pants will be perfect for going to places like mosques or temples where you are required to be covered even though it is hot out.

For outerwear I was thinking in terms of layering. The fleece sweatshirt is good on its own or is a good layer under the rain shell. I’m kind of obsessed with my puffy jacket so I decided at the last minute to bring it, it squishes down really small and into its own little bag, so it packs nicely.

I probably don’t need 3 bathing suits… But I like them and brought them all anyways.

As far as underthings go, I did 10 sets of underpants, 1 sports  bra, 1 underwire bra, and 2 bralets. All these things are easy to wash in the sink and will dry with in a day. 3 pairs of sport socks for sporty type activities with running shoes, 4 noshow socks for with regular tennies, and one pair of wooly warm socks, because my feet get really cold.

Again, I probably don’t need 4 pairs of shoes, but I was trying to plan for every occasion. Cute sandals and tennies for everyday wear and sightseeing, and Tevas and running shoes for more ambitious days.

The random extras I brought I will admit, are not totally necessary, and could definitely be purchased while on the road. But a dress is always good to have for the occasional nice dinner, or just because I want to look cutesy. Sunglasses and a scarf are actually kind of necessary, because like, sun. The scarf is a good cover up in warm weather and good for warmth in cold weather. The sporty hat and the sun hat? I just like them, the floppy hat is cute at the beach and the other is perfect for more intense activities.

Amazingly all this fit into my suitcase! There is a good chance that along the way I’ll switch things out for something new, or realize that I don’t need certain things, it happens. I’ll update accordingly.

Tanks: Pink // Green // Light Pink // Striped // White
T-Shirts: Striped // Black // White
Long Sleeves: Chambray // White Thermal // Red Sports Shirt
Shorts: Jean Shorts // Patterned Shorts // Running Shorts
Pants: Jeans // Linen // Leggings
Outerwear: Fleece // Puffy Jacket // Rain Jacket
Bathing Suits: High Waisted Bikini // Triangle Top Bikini // One Piece 
Underoos: Lace Bralette // Underpants // Sports Bra // Running Socks // Hiking Socks
Extras: Dress // Sun Glasses // Scarf // Floppy Hat // Trucker Hat
Shoes: Leather Sandals // River Sandals // Tennis Shoes // Running Shoes 


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