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Coachella Packing List // Nattie on the Road

Festival season is upon us and opening the season, as always, is Coachella (time to break out those flower crowns and band t-shirts!). After spending a good part of my early 20’s going to music festivals, I feel like I’ve figured out the perfect combination of balancing being cute and comfortable during those long days dancing in the sun. I guess I’m kind of old school in that for me Coachella is about the music. It’s a huge fashion scene now too, but I like to focus on having a good time and hearing good music so my style isn’t going to be over the top. So when packing for Coachella I tend towards the more practical than high fashion. This list includes my festival attire as well as something comfy for the long car ride, and you can’t forget a bathing suit or two, you never know what pool party you might end up at!

Coachella outfit # 1 - Jean shorts, crop top, kimono // Nattie on the Road

The thing to remember is that Coachella is in the desert, so it’s going to be really hot during the day (except that one year that it rained!), so shorts and tanks are my go to. I like to dress it up a little with a funky kimono because honestly, why the heck not!

Coachella outfit # 2 - Muscle tank top, printed shorts, lace bralette // Nattie on the Road

Since you are going to spend the day walking and dancing around comfy shoes are key. I usually like to go with tennies or strappy sandals, so they don’t end up falling off while shuffling through a crowd. 

Coachella Outfit # 3 - Romper and hat // Nattie on the Road

The Sunday vibe is mellow so I’ll generally opt for wearing something easy like a dress or romper, throw on some accessories and I’m good to go. The romper is awesome because it looks fashionable, but really doesn’t take a lot of effort to put together.

For the 8 hour car ride I have from the Bay Area to Indio I like to go for joggers and a tank, its comfy for the car, but still cute enough that I don’t fee totally embarrassed if we stop to grab food at a restaurant somewhere along the way. I’ve definitely been that girl getting out of the car after several hours and realizes I’ve worn leggings that look see through – not cute.

My goal is to balance cute with comfort for a casual, yet effortless look. While a lot of these pieces are things I’d wear in “real life” its fun to mix in things, like the kimono, that I probably wouldn’t think to incorporate into my regular wardrobe.

  1. Crop Top // 2. Muscle Tank // 3. Striped Tank // 4. Jean Shorts // 5. Printed Shorts (similar) // 6. Joggers // 7. Romper // 8. Kimono // 9. Lace Bralettes // 10. Red Bikini Top, Gold Bikini Top, Black Bottoms // 11. Floral Tennies // 12. Sandals // 13. Floppy Hat // 14. Sunnies
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