A Myanmar Beach Adventure

A Myanmar Beach Adventure {Part 1}

It was a sunny afternoon in Yangon Myanmar when we decided we should head for the coast. My boyfriend Rob, my friend Lauren, and I went to the front desk of our hostel and asked if we could purchase bus tickets for the next morning to go to the beach. Where would you like to go, he asked. It didn’t…

Yosemite Camping Trip

Literally Dirty Thirty – A Yosemite Camping Trip

I turned thirty this past weekend in Yosemite. Thirty is kind of a big birthday, and while some people may mourn the end of their twenties I am welcoming thirty with open arms. I feel like I spent the entire decade of my twenties in a cycle of trial and error. Not that I regret any of those trials or…

five adventures to have in Myanmar

5 Adventures to have in Myanmar

If you are looking for adventure and to explore someplace off the beaten track in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is the place to go. Myanmar’s tourism industry is not as developed as places like Thailand, but it is growing. Which is why now would be the time to go see this amazing country. Since the country only opened up to western…