I almost got deported from Thailand

I Almost Got Deported From Thailand

We’ve all had those moments while traveling, everything is going just fine, you’ve got everything together, and then in a second it all goes to shit. I had one of those wonderful moments at the Bangkok airport going through Thai passport control. We were leaving Thailand to catch a flight to Indonesia, and Rob went through before me no problem. Then…

Thailand Destination Guide

Thailand Destinations Guide: Where To Go In Thailand

One question I seem to get a lot lately is “I want to go to Thailand, where should I go?”. It really depends on what kind of trip you are looking for. If you are looking for something quiet and mellow and to just chill on a beach you should probably avoid Koh Phangan especially during the full moon party….

I tried a Meditation Workshop in Pai

I Tried A Meditation Workshop In Pai

Doing some kind of workshop or retreat in Thailand is pretty par for the course in terms of activities to do while traveling South East Asia. In recent years yoga retreats and meditation workshops have become a popular pilgrimage for western travelers interested in eastern spirituality. The courses are generally less expensive in Asia than they are in the States,…