5 Easy and Awesome Travel Hair Styles

5 Easy and Awesome Travel Hair Styles

Trying to make your hair look cute while on the road can be a challenge. You are on a different schedule and hair care can fall to the bottom of the priorities list when there are beautiful and awesome sites to see. Different weather can also do strange things to your hair if you are some place with more, or less humidity that you are used to. And you might not have all the same tools with you that you’d use at home.

My hair is difficult to deal with, it’s naturally wavy and frizzy, and sometime just straight up out of control. I feel like most of the time when it dries naturally it just turns into a giant poofy frizzy mess, which looks great in instagram photos, ha! Plus I have the bangs to deal with, and I’m pretty sure they have a mind of their own and just want to look weird when I don’t keep them in check.

When I’m at home I am a big fan of the straightening iron, and use it almost daily on my bangs (mostly because wavy bangs just look weird). I know straightening your hair a ton, or using any kind of heat really, isn’t great for your hair, but it’s kinda my look. And I honestly try not to do it several days in a row.

messy uncontrollable hair

When I travel I usually don’t bring any heat tools with me, they are big and bulky and take up a lot of room in my bag. Plus, no matter how many adapters and converters I’ve tried my straightener never works when I am abroad, so I’ve just given up on that.

Given that I don’t have my normal tool while abroad I’ve had to get a little creative to keep my wild hair looking cute while on the road.

Here are my favorite travel hair styles!

None of them require any kind of heat tools, like hair driers or curling irons. And to continue to keep things easy, none of them need much in the way of hair product if any.

get beach waves - hair style

Beachy Waves

This is the easiest way to wear my hair down when on the road when I don’t have a hair drier or straightening iron. It’s super easy and gives you a cute effortless look with out the hassle of any heat tools.

beach waves tutorial

What you’ll need: curl cream, hair brush, bobby pins(optional)

Instructions: towel dry hair; work a quarter sized amount of curl cream into your hair; brush out; separate hair into two sections; twist each section tightly; either leave twists loose or pin up to the top of your head to keep out of the way; let your hair air dry; when dry, shake twists out and run fingers through to separate.

messy topknot

Messy Top Knot

The top knot is my go to when my hair is already messy and little dirty. It keep my hair all together and out of the way and still has casual and effortless look to it.

messy topknot tutorial

What you’ll need: bobby pins, brush or comb, ponytail holder

Instructions: Put you hair into a high ponytail; divide ponytail into two sections; hold one section up and using a brush or comb tease hair by brush down toward your head; tease other section; holding first section up wrap the second section around the base of your ponytail; secure with bobby pins; then wrap the first section around bun going the other direction; secure with bobby pins; spray with hairspray (if you have it) for extra hold.

fishtail braid

Fishtail Braid

I really like the fishtail braid because it keeps my hair back and out of my face, and it’s a unique looking twist on the regular braid.

fishtail braid tutorial

What you’ll need: hair brush, ponytail holder

Instructions: brush hair; split hair into two sections; take a small chunk from the outside of the right section and cross it over and add it to the left section; take a small chunk from the outside of the left section add it to the right section; continue doing this until braid is at desired length.

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boho headband


I like to do this style the day after I’ve worn my hair curly or in the beachy waves. My hair is still a little bit curly or wavy but usually a bit messy, which lends itself to the boho look.

boho headband tutorial

What you’ll need: ponytail holder, cloth headband, scarf, or wrap

Instructions: start out with wavy messy hair; pull hair into a low half ponytail; push headband down over hair; secure headband underneath ponytail but over loose hair on the bottom; adjust as needed.

braided bangs selfie

Braided Bangs

So this one might not be the easiest of styles to do, but it is awesome when my bangs are greasy, or doing weird things. When I don’t straighten my bangs they can get some curls or swoopy things going on that just look awkward. Rocking the braid is my favorite way to deal with them if I can’t shower and dry them right away. If you already know how to french braid it’ll make it a lot easier, if not check out this youtube tutorial.

braided bangs tutorial

What you’ll need: brush, ponytail holder

Instructions: brush hair to one side to create a deep side part; separate out front section of hair to be braided; tie back the rest of your hair to keep it out of the way; start with a small section of hair next to part and separate into three strands; cross first outside stand over middle stand; cross other outside stand over the middle stand; add more hair to first outside stand and cross over the middle; add more hair to other outside stand and cross over the middle; continue this pattern until all hair is in the braid; continue braid back behind your ear and tie off; spray with hairspray (if you have it) to keep any flyaway in check.

I also like this youtube tutorial for some more visuals on braiding your bangs.

I love these styles because you don’t need any heat tools and minimal products, which makes them perfect for when you are traveling. You really can pack light on the hair stuff and still look cute.

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5 Easy and Awesome Travel Hair Styles







3 thoughts on “5 Easy and Awesome Travel Hair Styles

  1. Hayley Hornberg

    Wow…I can tell you spent a lot of time on this post. Great detail and all the pictures are super helpful. Trip hair is always a problem for me. Haha. When we left, my hair was about chin length so I’m growing it out so I can try more things like you’ve got here. Having long hair makes this way easier on the road…just put it in a pony, etc. Thank you for the tips. I’ve decided I need to learn how to braid my bangs : ) #flyawayfree

  2. Kana

    The messy bun is my jam all summer long since I have TONS of thick hair and it gets way too hot, haha! I wish I was talented enough to do the fishtail! Thanks for joining Fly Away Friday – hope to see you for the 1st one of 2018 tomorrow! xo

  3. Janine

    These are great hairstyle choices. My hair is straight and cannot hold a curl ever. I would go for the Boho headband or braided bangs! Thanks so much for coming out to the Christmas Fly Away Friday. Happy new Year and see you tomorrow!


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