Packing for Holiday Travels

packing for holiday travels

It’s that time of year when tons of people are traveling home to be with family for the holidays. If you are lucky enough to take off that whole week between Christmas and New Years to go see friends and family you’ve got some packing to do.

Going home for the holidays means you’ll be needing quite a few different outfit options. Outfits for nice holiday dinners, to comfy clothes to lounge around in after said dinners, to cute things to wear out when meeting up with friends, and of course something fun for New Years.

I will be heading home to San Diego for part of the holidays then up to the Bay Area for the rest of the week. Luckily coastal California has pretty mild winters so I won’t be needing any heavy winter gear, but I do love that wool coat for chilly nights out seeing houses covered in lights, one of my favorite holiday traditions!

Here is my packing list for all your holiday travels

packing list for holiday travels

1.Gray V-Neck // 2. Blue V-Neck // 3. Striped Long Sleeve // 4. Flannel // 5. Cashmere Sweater (similar)// 6. Cable Knit Sweater (similar) // 7. Black Jeans // 8. Red Pants // 9. Leggings // 10. Joggers // 11. Sparkly Dress (similar) // 12. Zip Up Sweatshirt // 13. Warm Coat (similar)// 14. Black Tights // 15. Beanie // 16. Scarf // 17. Leather Bag // 18. Gold Necklace // 19. Geometric Earrings // 20. Bangle Bracelet // 21. Crystal Necklace // 22. Flats // 23. Booties // 24. Running Shoes // 25. Classic Heel

I’ve included some outfit options just for fun. With so many other important things going on, like eating, and avoiding talking about politics, you don’t want to have to be thinking about putting outfits together.

Holiday Dinner

holiday dinner outfit

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Holiday dinners with my family are usually pretty casual, but I still like looking nice for the inevitable family photo. Keep it easy and simple with colored slacks and a sweater, add in a little statement jewelry and you are set.

Post Feast Activity

work out outfit

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My family has a tradition of getting out and going for an easy hike or walk that the morning after a big holiday dinner. It’s always nice to get out and get moving (even just a little) after indulging, plus fresh air is always good.

Lounging Around

lounging outfit

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After you’ve had your post-feast walk it’s probably time to just laze around the house. Snuggle up in a cozy and comfy sweater and binge watch some Netflix. And just in case you have to run out for snacks or anything slip on some flats, nothing fancy, just comfort.

Going Out

casual winter outfit

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Being in my hometown, I will always make a point to meet up with friends. Keep it cool and casual for meeting up for lunch, coffee, or reverting to your old high school self for shenanigans (I believe How I Met Your Mother called this “revertigo”). I spent a lot of time in high school hanging out with friends in fast food restaurant parking lots, who know why, teenagers are weird. But should I find myself in the In ‘N’ Out parking lot, I’ll be nice and warm in that coat.

New Years Eve

new years eve outfit

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New Year’s is great because it’s the only day of the year when you can wear glittery things as an adult and not look stupid (or like a stripper). So no matter if you are heading to a mellow get-together at a friend’s house or out to a big bash put on a sparkly dress and have fun!

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