Packing for Thailand

Packing for Thailand // Nattie on the Road

Thailand is a beautiful and magical place, whether you are running around the big city of Bangkok, island hopping in the south, or exploring in the north, it makes for an exciting adventure.

Packing for Thailand

So what should you pack for this adventure? The thing to remember is that no matter where you are in the country it’s going to be hot and most likely humid. That means you are going to want super light weight fabrics and flowy things, no skinny jeans need to make it into your suitcase.

Packing list for Thailand // Nattie on the Road

One important thing to realize is that you will probably buy clothes once you are in Thailand, they are cute and they are cheap, so why wouldn’t you? I practically bought myself a whole new “island wardrobe” when we got to Koh Tao. So you don’t need to pack a ton, just the essentials, because we all know you are going to buy a pair of elephant pants. It seems to be some kind of weird rite of passage.

island uniform // Nattie on the Road

This packing list is meant to cover the basics of what you might need for where ever you might be going or doing while in Thailand.

I found Bangkok to be a lot like most big cities, a little more dressy. So I wanted cute but still comfortable clothes hence the long skirt and blouse. Also with the warm weather when you are inside anywhere the AC will be on and I tend to get cold. I’d wished I’d had a sweater plenty of times we were in a chilly restaurant or mall.

Linen pants and a Tee are prefect for going to temples since you need to have your legs and shoulder covered. It’s conservative but still casual.

The islands are pretty laid back, if you are going to be spending more time there you’ll probably want more shorts and bathing suits. Athletic clothes are always comfy too whether you are hiking up to get a good view or just hanging around the beach.

Up north depending on where you are the dress can be a bit more conservative, especially in rural areas. A maxi dress and linen pants are easy and comfortable in the heat.

There’s also a good chance that you’ll get some rain at some point during your trip, so it’s a good idea to have a rain shell, just the jacket without any liner, or an umbrella so you don’t end up totally soaked.

Temple attire // Nattie on the Road

Temple attire // Nattie on the Road

One other thing concerning shoes, is that you’ll want ones you can take on and off easily, because when entering, homes, restaurants, stores, most indoor places (depending on where you are, not so much in Bangkok), you’ll have to take your shoes off. I started our our trip with some cute strappy sandals, but they were such a pain to take on and off constantly that I went and bought a pair of flip flops and now I wear them everyday.

flip flops // Nattie on the Road

1.Green Tank // 2. Striped Blouse // 3. White Tee // 4. Striped Tank // 5. Linen Pants // 6. Pleated Skirt // 7. Cotton Shorts // 8. Maxi Dress // 9. Patterned Dress // 10. Cardigan Sweater // 11. Sports Tank // 12. Athletic Shorts // 13. Rain Shell // 14. One Piece Swimsuit // 15. Tropical Two Piece // 16. Large Scarf (similar) // 17. Flip Flops // 18. Flats // 19. Running Shoes

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