Barcelona Attractions: What to see and what to skip

Barcelona Attractions: What To See & What To Skip

Barcelona is an amazing city with a ton of stuff to see, but I’m always a little weary of big tourist attractions and if they are worth the effort to check out or not. I find a lot of the time, the crowds and price can outweigh how cool something is. This is probably because I hate being jammed in…

5 Easy and Awesome Travel Hair Styles

5 Easy and Awesome Travel Hair Styles

Trying to make your hair look cute while on the road can be a challenge. You are on a different schedule and hair care can fall to the bottom of the priorities list when there are beautiful and awesome sites to see. Different weather can also do strange things to your hair if you are some place with more, or…

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packing for Spain in fall

Packing for Spain in Fall

This fall Rob and I spent five weeks in Spain based out of Barcelona. It start out back in the spring, Rob texted me asking “do you want to go to Spain?” I responded with “yes, I mean that’s always been a place I’ve been interested in going, but what’s up, why now?” to which he responded that he’d found…